My life had been a journey of exploration into the world and my inner self.

Having experienced many personal life challenges I understand the deep need to heal and to find the space within ourselves to do that can sometimes be overwhelming. After sailing the oceans for work as a cook for 10 years I trained and practiced many healing modalities. I developed a deep hunger to learn as much as possible on helping the body to heal and an inherent interest in ancient wisdom and applying its techniques and tools to help us live and reach our full potential in life.


Working as a therapist offering lomi lomi Hawaiian Bodywork, I then completed two years of shamanic training which helped to delve into issues deeply and remove energetic imprints that can hold us back when we have no idea why.


This is great work to process with and honor our ancestors. It coincided with the deaths of both of my parents and helped immensely going through the death processes and holding space for them as they made their transition. It has been my greatest privilege in life to date. This work inspired a trip to Peru where I explored the Andes and stayed in the Amazon with a local tribe.

I continued my deep journey with Energy therapy, forensic healing and Breathwork, all leading to deeper and deeper personal and planetary work.  


However I would still struggle to articulate all of what was moving through me and a lack of creative outlet. My journey now into Artwork has been amazing for me. My inspiration is usually the energy moving through at any given time. Connecting with the Divine femine energy each painting holds a different aspect of her mystery magic and guidance in close relation to the elements and nature.

I never know what is going to come through and as a result I have a new skill of deep listening and patience allowing it to develop slowly.  I usually set an intention and connect to the Canvas through chant or meditation feeling my way.  It brings up the usual frustrations when I get blocked or don’t know what comes next but learning to trust and go with the flow results in a finished piece. Each has its own message and Wisdom teachings. As my art teacher thought me I always set the intention that my art is medicine for me, and also healing for anyone who observes and feels into it, receiving their own message.

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