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Goddess Bridget By Jean Bowen Artist-Divine feminine

Goddess Brigid

Original Size 80cm x 60cm


I have been connecting with the energies of Goddess Brigid recently with the celebration of Imbolc and the beginning of Spring. She holds a flame of fire which is welcoming back the light as we come out of the winter and our hibernation and perhaps some shadow work as we retreated deep within. The fire is also offering the power of transmutation an invite to allow all of our process to be transmuted into the flame as our seeds of intention and hope begin to open and rebirth is embraced and welcomed with the returning of light.  She was a Medicine woman of the Tuatha De Danann, a healer and a poet.  A midwife for the dying and those souls being born, she offered the aid of being a bridge between worlds. As I painted her and brought her through I felt a connection with my Irish roots, one I don’t feel that often, but it was more a calling to remember the Magic of our Land, Ériu, to resurrect and remember what was here deep within, buried underneath the years of trauma before the Modification and rewriting of history (her story). There was deep magic here in the connection with nature, the trees, the Fae. A lot of this knowledge was lost but it still remains deep within us in our cellular memory in our bones and blood. If we answer the call to listen and call it in. It’s not just the ancient wisdom though that is coming through there is a merging with the new energies coming in to create in the field of infinite potentiality. The gridlines have been activated and the sacred sites been reactivated for light use once more as heavy veils are being lifted. The lines are running from here to Egypt and connecting to other sacred sites, pyramids and hot spots around the earth.  We are the conductors of the energy, the bridge between worlds and hold the power if we choose to remember. As we welcome the sacred fire and ignite a spark of magic within, it will be our own unique spark, our own soul calling unique to us but collectively contributing to the fire in alignment with to the law of One. What sparks the Magic in you?

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