Breaking Free- Atlantis rising

Original Size 70cmx50cm

This is the 3rd in my underwater series called Emerging.

It is said in the time of Atlantis people lived in balance and Harmony. Women were respected for their wisdom, were teachers healers, priestesses and Oracles. The power of the feminine principle ruled and was upheld as sacred and a powerful way of life. Connecting our consiousness between Source and Gaia created peace and abundance as people understood natural and universal laws as a sacred way of being. It was a peaceful time of seeking knowledge and mastering our spiritual selves.

Atlantis was the pinnacle of the golden age, there was no disease or poverty. However overtime as technology became even more advanced something shifted. The High Priests and Magi decided to start hoarding information and wealth, the Divine Feminine aspect of the people began to fall out of balance and the patriacrchy began its rule over our psyche.

Atlantis fell, and that fall lead to the birth of ego based systems, fear over love, manipulation over openess, self motivation over onesess. A lot of the wisdom keepers fled to different parts of the world, Egypt, Central America, Asia, etc, and endeveaoured to keep the rituals and knowledge of Atlantis alive.

(some source, The Rise and Fall of the Goddess by Pricilla Campos).


This Painting is an honouring and activation of this knowledge deep within our cellular memory calling the way of the goddess back into the foreground of our consciousness.

A return to honouring Mother Earth. With that connection strengthened to Gaia, intuition, creativity, harmony and community can once again rise and thrive.

The Dolphin Energy is calling us back back to the depth of our being, to the roots of who we truly are. They have advanced communication skills and remind us to also use the breath to release intense emeotions, connect with the sea and the vibration of play, relax, release and flow.

They teach us that when we live in tune with the patterns and rythmn of nature we learn how to truly be in touch with and communicate with all that is. 🐬

Original Artwork Sold


All quality certified prints are done locally on photo rag paper which is 100% cotton paper with a smooth surface texture-guarantees the highest archival standards.  Print size excludes white border which will vary on selected.

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Breaking Free- Atlantis rising