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Into the Shadows

This Goddess/gatekeeper of the underworld reminds us that it is a time of great change and transformation. As we shine a light on the shadow aspects within our subconcious and all aspects of self there are many hidden gifts and Siddhis to be rediscovered here, an unlocking of the DNA so to speak. Each challenge unlocking a gene key, great change can be achieved if we are willing.


The Raven medicine is the keeper of secrets, magic and mysticism, asking us to journey into the deepest parts of our inner conflicts bringing the light and wisdom which allows us to shapeshift our realities onto a timeline of self empowerment, sovereignty,limitless creativity and freedom for all who venture through. 


All quality certified prints are done locally on photo rag paper which is 100% cotton paper with a smooth surface texture-guarantees the highest archival standards.  Print size excludes white border which will vary on selected.

They are posted from the local post office, please allow 10 days for the order to process.



Into the Shadows