Keep Swimming
As we navigate turbulent waters and hidden depts within our hearts and souls, this beautiful Atlantean Merbeing brings us hope, keep swimming deep within to find the hidden pearls of wisdom and rememberance. Pearls are formed as a reaction to an irritant in the oyster, the more the irritant invades the more the oyster secretes a fluid to coat the irritant until a beautiful pearl is formed.

The more we love our irritants and shadow aspects the more beautiful pearls of wisdom are formed.  In the deepest parts of the ocean there is pure stillness , we too can find this part within our selves. She reminds us to take moments to recalibrate and find this peace deep within ourselves where we are truly free and nothing can touch us as we are all divine and soveirgn in this space. Unlocking the key codes within, all else can fall away. In this space there is only love and the beauty way.


Reconnecting to our sacred selves we can also see this in each other and build communities together in alignment with natural law and universal law. Call this image into our hearts to connect with truth. The beautiful whales are the record keepers of the earth . They symbolises emotional rebirth, inner truth, Peaceful strength and communication. He brings strength and is symbolic of that which cannot be easily Vanquished, inner truth, voice and creativity.  Connect with the beautiful whale energy to free your creative energies and to navigate emotional turmoil.  As the whale blows it is symbolic of a release of creative force. What do we want to create?
Love Jean💙


All quality certified prints are done locally on photo rag paper which is 100% cotton paper with a smooth surface texture-guarantees the highest archival standards.  Print size excludes white border which will vary on selected size.

They are posted from the local post office, please allow 10 days for the order to process.


Original Artwork: €488 50x50cm

Keep Swimming