Compassion-Quan Yin

I've being feeling the energy of Quan yin around me for awhile so I wanted to bring her through on  Canvas. Her consiousness arrived on earth by a golden dragon and she lived her early years in the mountains in Asia. Having suffered great trauma in her childhood witnessing her village and family being murdered, she was badly beaten and left to die but she survived and lived as a recluse in the forests according to one account of her life.

It was here that Baba Ji was waiting for her and she healed her trauma and learned from him for seven years through mastering breathwork, mantras, energy healing meditation and mantras. She was also a master of working with water and using water to heal her emotional body.    Through these disciplines and practices she learned to heal her wounds bit by bit and release the deep distrust and anger her trauma had left her with. When she eventually finished her self healing Baba Ji left her and she returned into humanity, healing through love, mercy and compassion.


She works with the white peacock medicine which represents rebirth and transformation which is possible for all of us when we give ourselves and our emotions the compassion and love required to transmit and transform. Call on her for inner child work or when you need to find love and compassion for self and others. Chant...Om Mani Padme release  and send healing to yourself and others. Bless and set intentions into your drinking water asking it to go into the cells and those areas that hold trauma to cleanse and clear old imprints and outdated patterns. May her vase of overflowing compassion surround you and fill you up when you most need it. Call on her through the lotus or the magenta and aquamarine Ray's. Bathe in her waterfalls of peace.
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Compassion-Quan Yin