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The Age of Aquarius

This gateway brings us many gifts of light and Magic. This beautiful Sirian Starseed being reminds us that we are the centre of our own universe as are all beings and as we raise our consiousness in alignment with manifestor energy we realise that we are powerful creators more powerful than we have ever been lead to believe.

Clear out all doubt and limiting beliefs and focus on what will bring peace, sovereignty and effortless ease for all beings. Welcome magic and know that you are of the stars and as you align within, the portal is within you, you are it. Life will create as you and through you, dream big and know there is nothing you cant achieve when you align your internal with divine alignment..Believe.

My will aligns with Divine Will 


All quality certified prints are done locally on photo rag paper which is 100% cotton paper with a smooth surface texture-guarantees the highest archival standards.  Print size excludes white border which will vary on selected size.

They are posted from the local post office, please allow 10 days for the order to process.

The Age of Aquarius