The Holy Grail
Mary Magdalene comes to us at this time bringing her deep wisdom and powerful healing. She embodies Wisdom, Purity, Sensuality, Sovereignty and Creative power. As an Essene priestess and initiate into the lineage of Isis and the Way of the Rose, she was highly trained in the Egyptian mysteries of healing, alchemy, and also learned from Mother Mary and Quan Yin. Mary was highly educated and financially independent and incarnated with all her gifts already activated. (Source: The Sophia Code)


Over the centuries her name and holiness were distorted and slandered. With her descent from honour, so did womankind fall under heavy handed oppression and persecution.

Within Christianity, Mary Magdalene was known as the “Apostle of the Apostles”, and in 2016 the Vatican issued a formal apology for demeaning and slandering her for centuries, intentionally omitting her words and perspective from the gospel. Mary worked side by side with Jeshua. They performed many miraculous healings together. Some of her mission focused on healing and empowering an entire population of women who believed it was their duty to be abused, used, discarded at the will of another yet there were many men who also surrendered to her care.


Call on Mary Magdalene to heal your relationship with sexuality and the womb space. Breathe her into the womb calling in golden light overflowing from her chalice and visualise this filling up with each breath healing and releasing any cellular imprints of trauma, abuse and suppression. Breathe this into the womb of your mother and your mothers mother all the way back to the first spark of creation. See this divine energy travel through the bloodlines clearing all distortions and clearing the veils of deception. The chalice is a powerful symbol representing your body being the temple of the Holy Spirit. The divine resides within. When you invoke her over lighting presence to guide you are also calling on the sacred order of the Magdalene’s who are woman who have incarnated as revolutionary light workers on earth and other star systems for millennia.

We are the whole rose the petals and the thorns embracing both as a whole. She is here by your side at this time supporting your prayer to be an essential leader in anchoring the sacred Divine feminine Christ movement.



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The Holy Grail