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About Me
Jean Bowen

Jean Bowen is a professional Artist and Energy worker living near Kinsale, Ireland with her husband, son and cat. Having a love for all things creative, she journeyed into artwork in the last few years and recently completed an intense one year mastery program with the Milan art institute to develop her skills and discover her voice as an artist.


Her art is inspired by and is a natural progression of her own healing journey. On a healing journey for many years to heal chronic back pain and other issues, she began a deep exploration of the energy field and subconscious, unveiling deeper layers and revelations within herself.

Her art creations are an expression of her many soul aspects and are inspired by all things metaphysical as well as the natural world. Her Beyond the Veil art creations also encourage others to look for the deeper meanings and symbolisms in the physical and energetic world around us, encouraging the discovery of hidden truths deep within the self, and in the beauty of nature.

Having spent many years traveling on the sea working as a chef, her deep love of the sea is also reflected in her work, a theme throughout.

Her creative process is very intuitive and the painting and message is often revealed incrementally through deep listening and presence. Her healing journey continues and more to be revealed along the way as she continues to evolve and explore.


Jean Bowen Art-Ireland
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